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The Bedford Volunteer Fire Department is located in the City of Bedford, VA approximately 25 miles east of Roanoke and 20 miles west of Lynchburg. Organized in 1888, the Bedford Volunteer Fire Department was Bedford City and County's only organized fire protection until 1952. With a first due response area of 182 square miles; the largest first due response area in Bedford County, the Bedford Volunteer Fire Department remains the busiest fire department each year. With a roster of fifty active firefighters, the department operates nine pieces of apparatus and responds to an average of 900 calls each year.

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Monday, June 22, 2015  0903hrs- Bedford Communications alerted Company 1 and Medic 14-8 to the 3000 block of Five Forks Road for a reported head-on collision with entrapment. Wagon 1 (with three) arrived at 0910hrs to find a box truck and sedan with heavy damage and one driver trapped.  W1 charged the trash line for protection and began placing the combi-tool into service as Ladder 1 (with four) arrived with the full compliment.  The door was quickly removed to allow EMS access to the driver who sustained minor injuries.  All units returned to service at 0930hrs.  Total Company 1 personnel: 9. 




Thursday, May 28, 2015  1005hrs: Bedford Communications alerted Companies 1 (Bedford-1st due) and 5 (Forest-2nd due & RIT) to 2431 Screechum Hollow Road for a reported stove on fire. Medic 14-1 and Engine 1 (with three) arrived at 1016hrs to find heavy smoke showing from a single-story wood frame private dwelling. E1 passed command and stretched the first line into the interior through side Alpha. Neighbors on scene reported a child still inside which prompted Medic 14-1's crew to begin the primary search before L1's arrival. With the primary search negative, command learned that the "child" was actually an 18 year old grandson who had exited safely to call 911. The fire was contained to the area of origin and brought under control approximately 15 minutes after arrival. All searches were negative with no injuries reported. Units operating: E1, L1, R5, T5, W82, M14-1, M14-5, County 10, and County 16. Total Company 1 personnel: 9.




Saturday, April 4, 2015  1430hrs- Bedford Communications alerted Company's 8 (Moneta-1st due), 10 (Saunders-2nd due), and 1 (Bedford-RIT) to 1696 Whitehouse Road for multiple reports of a commercial structure fire. With enough staffing for two pieces at the 1 house, Wagon 1 (with four) and Ladder 1 (with five) responded immediately to assist with an engine company and fulfill the RIT assignment. E8 was first to arrive to find a wood-frame restaurant with heavy fire showing from the charlie side. Medic 14-8 (who had split its crew to provide a driver for E8) arrived and established Whitehouse Rd Command. W1 was the next to arrive; splitting their crew to provide water supply to E8 and manpower on the interior. W82 laid in from a nearby hydrant to establish water supply. E8 made an excellent stop and held the fire to the area of origin. L1 operated as the salvage and overhaul group before returning to service. Fire damage was estimated at $300,000. No injuries were reported. Total Company 1 personnel: 14.

Photo courtesy of Austin St. Laurent

Photo courtesy of Austin St. Laurent

Photo courtesy of Heather Rousseau

Photo courtesy of Heather Rousseau



Wednesday, April 1, 2015   1818hrs- While Company 1 units were operating on a four acre brush fire off of Equine Drive, Bedford Communications alerted Company's 1 (Bedford-1st due), 9 (Montvale-2nd due), and 5 (Forest-RIT) to 613 Blue Ridge Avenue for multiple reports of a house on fire. W-1 (with five) arrived to find heavy smoke showing from the roof of a two-story wood-frame private dwelling. The nozzleman and backup stretched a line into the interior as Fire Attack Group 1 as Medic 14-1 established two out.  Ladder 1 (with three) performed the search which proved negative. Most of the fire and damage was contained to the exterior in the gable-end and under the shingles.  Fire damage is estimated at $10,000. Units operating: T1, L1, E9, Medic 14-1, and County 10.  Total Company 1 personnel operating between both calls: 19.




Friday, March 13, 2015  0026hrs- Bedford Communications alerted Companies 1 (Bedford-1st due), 8 (Moneta-2nd due), and 5 (Forest-RIT) to 511 South Street for multiple reports of an explosion and a house on fire.  Engine 1 (with four) arrived at 0029hrs to find heavy fire showing from a two-story wood frame private dwelling with reports of occupants trapped/missing. Chief 1 established South Street command and assigned Ladder 1 (with six) to search group and ventilation group. Wagon 1 (with four) caught the nearest hydrant to establish water supply while Medic 14-1 established 2-out. All searches proved negative and the two missing occupants from a rear apartment were later located. The fire was marked under control at 0056hrs. A total of six adults and one child were displaced. No injuries were reported. The explosion appears to have been a propane cylinder from a LP gas grill. The fire is being investigated by the Bedford County Fire Marshall. Units operating: E1, L1, W1, T1, C1, W82, R5, Medic 14-1, Medic 8-5, and County 10. Total Company 1 personnel: 19. 




Tuesday, February 17, 2015  2032hrs- Just as BFD firefighters finally sat down to dinner for the evening after a number of weather related runs, communications alerted Company 1 to 720 Blue Ridge Avenue for a reported vehicle fire. E1, T1, B1A, and Chief 1 arrived at 2036hrs to find fire showing from underneath a small sedan. E1's officer (Lt. Wills) established command while the E1 nozzle and backup stretched the trashline. With a quick knockdown on the fire command returned T1 and B1A to service. Total Company 1 personnel: 18.




Tuesday, February 17, 2015  0517hrs- Bedford Communications alerted Companies 1 (Bedford-1st due), 9 (Montvale-2nd due), and 13 (Stewartsville-Chamblissburg-RIT) to 1651 Wheatland Road for a reported house on fire. E1 (with three) arrived at 0523hrs to find moderate smoke showing from a single-story wood frame private dwelling. E1 stretched a line into the interior as Fire Attack Group 1 while Ladder 1 (with six) split its crew to perform the primary search and ventilation. Fire was located in a back bedroom with extension into the walls and attic. Both searches proved negative. The fire was marked under control at 0603hrs. No injuries were reported. Units operating: E1, L1, T1, U1, W8, R5, and Medic 14-1. Total Company 1 personnel: 12.




Monday, January 26, 2015   1356hrs- Bedford Communications alerted Company 1 to the 1000 block of West Lynchburg Salem Turnpike for a reported vehicle fire. Wagon 1 (with four) arrived at 1400hrs to find smoke showing from a small box van along with a county code enforcement officer who had stopped to assist by with a fire extinguisher.  W1 quickly extinguished the remaining fire in the engine compartment and under the dash before returning to service at 1420hrs. Units operating: W1 & E1. Total Company 1 personnel: 11.    




Friday, January 23, 2015  We have recently learned of another successful outcome for a patient who was involved in a motor vehicle accident on January 5th when his vehicle rolled several times, ejecting him and pinning him underneath the vehicle. Using hydraulic tools, air bags, and cribbing, BFD firefighters extricated the man in approximately thirty minutes but then discovered that the patient had severe burns and was barely breathing. Working along side of paramedics on Medic 14-1, BFD Firefighter/Paramedic's intubated the patient and established I.V. access before Lifeguard 10 arrived to transport by air. The patient was flown to Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital in critical condition.  Days after the incident we received word that the patient was removed from ICU and is expected to make a full recovery.  




Saturday, January 17, 2015  Over ninety BFD firefighters and guests gathered at the Bedford Columns Conference Center for the department's 107th annual awards banquet.  Dinner was catered by the Ole Liberty Station and began at 6:30 p.m. The awards ceremony followed at 7:30 p.m. where the following individuals were recognized for their years of service: Five Years: Ryan King, Chris Gardner, and John Gulatsi. Ten Years: Billy Creasey and Chad Baker. Thirty-five Years: James Parker. Forty Years: Russell Stevens. Congratulations to the following recipients who were awarded FF of the Year as voted on by their peers. Firefighter of the Year 2014: Firefighter/EMT-E M.J. McGinnis, Runner Up: Firefighter Brandon Crouch and Firefighter Ryan King (tie). A big thanks goes out to Company 2 and Company 13 who staffed W-1 and L-1 and to all of the firefighters and guests who attended to make this yet another successful event. 



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