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The Bedford Volunteer Fire Department is located in the City of Bedford, VA approximately 25 miles east of Roanoke and 20 miles west of Lynchburg. Organized in 1888, the Bedford Volunteer Fire Department was Bedford City and County's only organized fire protection until 1952. With a first due response area of 182 square miles; the largest first due response area in Bedford County, the Bedford Volunteer Fire Department remains the busiest fire department each year. With a roster of fifty active firefighters, the department operates nine pieces of apparatus and responds to an average of 900 calls each year.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016  Many Bedford residence travel under this railroad bridge located on Bedford Avenue in the Town. At the request of the Town of Bedford Police Department requested Company 1 to respond for a truck stuck under the bridge. Rescue 1 with six (6) arrived to find a large box truck wedged under the bridge with a train stopped just above. The driver and passenger of the truck were not injured but could not get the truck free after removing the majority of the air from the trucks tires. Rescue 1 personnel used a reciprocating saw to cut a portion of the trucks roof that had become wedged under the bridge. Once the truck was free inspectors gave the all clear to structural integrity of the bridge.




Monday, September 5, 2016  At approximately 2015hrs Bedford Communications alerted Company 8 (Moneta) 1st due, Company 13 (Stewartsville) 2nd due, and Company 1 (Bedford) RIT to Route 24 for the report of a residential structure fire. At the request of the 1st due Company an extra engine from Company 1 was requested. Rescue 1 with six (6) and Wagon 1 with four (4) responded. Wagon 8 was first to arrive to find a large two story old commercial business that had been converted into housing with heavy smoke showing from sides Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie. Rescue 1 arrived just after the first arriving unit and split its crew to complete a primary search and establish RIT. Wagon 1 established a water supply to Wagon 8 with its crew assisting in fire attack and secondary search. The fire was marked under control within an hour of dispatch. Total Company 1 personnel: 18

Units operating on scene: R1, W1, W8, E8, T8, E131, R13, Medic 14-8, County 10.




Sunday, September 4, 2016  At 1636hrs Company 1 and BCoFR Medic 14-8 was dispatched to the 2300blk of East Lynchburg Salem Trpk. for multiple reports of a single motorcycle accident with two patients. E1 with four (4), Rescue 1 with six (6), and Brush 1 with two (2) responded. While en-route Bedford Communications gave an update to responding units that one of the patients was unresponsive with head trauma. Engine 1 Officer (Captain Scott) requested Carilion Lifeguard 10 (medivac) and Medic 14-1 to respond to the scene. Engine 1 and Rescue 1 were the first arriving units and immediately preformed patient care on both patients. Brush 1 was assigned to be contact for Lifeguard 10 and LZ Command. Once the helicopter landed on scene the most sever injured patient was loaded. Medic 14-1 transported the other patient by ground the Roanoke Memorial Hospital. Total Company personnel: 15




Monday, August 8, 2016  The first of two monthly drills in the month of August consisted of operating on a flat roof. This simulator was constructed by members of the Department by using an old conex trailer that was donated to the Department. 23 members attended this drill and got hands on training on using roof saws and throwing ladders. Note the live fire below the simulated roof which gives a more real life conditions while working.




Friday, July 15, 2016  Bedford communications alerted Company 5 (Forest), BCoFR Medic 14-5, and Special Operations Command (SOC) to Campbell County for the reports of a logging truck into a residential structure. Rescue 1 with six responded as the SOC piece. Once units arrived on the scene it was determined that there were no injuries but significant damage to the structure. Personnel from both Company 5 and Company 1 worked to shore up the structure before the vehicle was removed. Total Company 1 personnel: 13




Monday, July 4, 2016  We would like to wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July.




Wednesday, June 29, 2016  06/25/2016 - 1629hrs Bedford Communications alerted Company 2 (Big Island) first due, Company 3 (Boonsboro) second due, and Company 1 (Bedford) RIT to the 1000blk of Merrimac Lane for the report of a residentual structure fire. Rescue 1 with 6 and was second to arrive on scene to find a two story residentual stucture with heavy fire showing from sides Alpha, and Delta. Per Command Rescue 1's crew was to split its crew and perform fire attack and RIT. Crews working together for over 4 hours attempting to contain the fire and extinguishing multiple hidden hot spots through out the residence. Command was terminated by Command at 2026hrs. Units operating on scene: E-2, T-2, R-3, W-3, T-3, E-5, T-5 R-1.




Sunday, June 26, 2016  At approximately 1400hrs Bedford Communications alerted Company 1 along with BCoFR Medic 14-1 to the Blue Ridge Parkway for the report of an adult male down on a trail with an obvious broken leg. Utility 1 with four personnel responded with the Remote Access Trailer along with Brush 1 with two. Once units arrived on the scene by-standards advised that the patient was 2 1/2 miles down the mountain. Personnel from Utility 1, Brush 1, and Medic 14-1 began the decent with equipment to extricate and perform patient care. After reaching and stabilizing the patient he was placed on a backboard and loaded onto a wheeled litter. All units worked together for a total of 3 hours to bring the patient back to the awaiting medic unit. Total Company 1 personnel: 12.




Friday, June 24, 2016  06/23/2016 The second working fire was alerted by Bedford Communications at 1013hrs for the report of a residential fire at 3639 Patterson Mill Road which brought Company 9 (second due) and Company 13 (RIT). Engine 1 was first to arrive to find a one story residential with a basement with moderate smoke showing from the basement doors and windows. Units located the fire in the basement division from an apparent lighting strike to a nearby tree. Command deemed the fire under control at 1053hrs with all units clearing the scene at 1131hrs. Units operating on scene: E1, T1, P9, E131, R13, W8-2, 14-1, and 14-8. Total Company 1 personnel from both fires: 17




Friday, June 24, 2016  06/23/2016 - Companies 5 (first due) and Company 1 (second due and RIT) were alerted by Bedford Communications at 0939hrs for the report of a residential structure fire at 1027 Wingfield Drive located in the Goode area. Wagon 1 with four along with Ladder 1 with 5 responded. Wagon 1 was the first unit to arrive on scene to find a single story residential structure with moderate smoke showing from side alpha and the roof. Wagon 1's Officer established command and assigned the crew as fire attack. The attack group found that the bulk of the fire was located in a void space between the ceiling and roof of the house. Engine 51 arrived and connected to Wagon 1 for water supply. Ladder 1split its crew to perform a primary search and to take roof division. Several cuts were made by the roof division to access the fire due to the height of the cathedral ceilings through out the house. A quick know down of the fire allowed personnel to focus on salvage of many valuables within the residence. The fire was marked under control per Command at 1031hrs with all units clearing the scene at 1224hrs. Units operating on scene: W1, L1, B1, E51, E5, T5, County 10, and CCRS.



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