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The Bedford Volunteer Fire Department is located in the City of Bedford, VA approximately 25 miles east of Roanoke and 20 miles west of Lynchburg. Organized in 1888, the Bedford Volunteer Fire Department was Bedford City and County's only organized fire protection until 1952. With a first due response area of 182 square miles; the largest first due response area in Bedford County, the Bedford Volunteer Fire Department remains the busiest fire department each year. With a roster of fifty active firefighters, the department operates nine pieces of apparatus and responds to an average of 900 calls each year.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017  At 0457HRS Bedford Communications alerted Company 1 Bedford (1st Due), Company 5 Forest (2nd Due), and Company 13 Stewartsville (RIT) to the 700blk of Grove Street for the reports of a residential structure fire. Engine 1 with three arrived only a few minutes later to find a two story balloon frame residential structure with heavy smoke showing from side Bravo and Charlie. There were several civilians outside of the structure advising there were still two children inside unaccounted for. Engine 1's crew advanced a dry 1 3/4" line through side Alpha and immediately experienced heavy smoke conditions and very high temperatures inside. FF McGinnis and Deputy Chief Scott made it to the second floor and discovered a child unresponsive in a hallway. The patient was removed from the house and turned over to awaiting EMS on scene. Both Firefighters re-entered the structure to locate the second subject but was unable to reach the bedroom due to the extreme heat. At this time Command ordered a Vent Enter Search (VES) to be performed by Ladder 1's crew. FF Rice was able to enter the bedroom via a ground ladder. A young child was located on the floor and removed from the bedroom. FF Wodicka was waiting at the top of the ground ladder to bring the patient down to the awaiting EMS personnel. Firefighting operations continued for over three hours until the fire was marked under control by command. A total of three patients were transported to local hospitals in serious condition. The young child found in the bedroom succumbed to their injuries and was pronounced on scene. Units operating on scene: E1, L1, W1, R1, S1, U1, C1, T5, E131, Centra Medic 12, BCoFR Medic 14-5, 14-1, County 10, and County 1.

We would like to say thank you to the Bedford Town Police, Virginia State Police, Town of Bedford Electric, and the Bedford 911 Dispatchers for their assistance.




Wednesday, November 23, 2016  0620hrs Company 13 (Stewartsville) first due, Company 19 (Shady Grove) second due, and Company 1 (Bedford) RIT was dispatched to the 1100blk of Tulagi Road for the report of a residential structure fire. E131 arrived first to a two story residence with heavy fire showing from Side Alpha and through the roof. Due to the lack of hydrants in the area a tanker task force was requested by command. Rescue 1 with five arrived and assisted in fire attack per orders of command. Due to the houses age and multiple additions the fire was not deemed under control until an hour after the first arriving unit. Units operating on scene: E131, W13, T13, R1, T9, T8, Blue Ridge Fire Department, BCoFR Medic 14-8 and 14-13.




Thursday, November 10, 2016  0513hrs Company 8 (Moneta) Company 10 (Saunders) and Company 1 (Bedford) RIT were dispatched to the 10000blk of Moneta Rd for multiple reports of a tractor trailer MVC with a structure fire. BCoFR Medic 14-8 was first to arrive to find one tractor trailer that had run off the road and struck a one story residence that had been converted to a business. Wagon 8 was the first arriving fire apparatus on scene and was assigned fire attack by command. Rescue 1 with six arrived second and split its crew to assist in fire attack and to perform a search of the basement. Due to the structural integrity of the building only a quick search could be performed of the still structurally sound areas. With both saddle tanks on the cab of the trailer punctured and a heavy fire load, command requested foam Franklin County. The fire was marked under control several hours after the initial dispatch. Units operating on scene: W8, T8, W82, R1, T1, E10, R13, T5, Franklin County Public Safety, County 10.




Friday, October 28, 2016  1749hrs Company 5 Forest, (first due) Company 1 Bedford (second due and RIT) were dispatched to Jefferson Ridge Apartments for the report of a rear deck on fire. First arriving units located heavy fire showing from the A and C side of an end unit two story apartment building. Crews made a quick and efficient fire attack to keep the fire to the original apartment with only minimal extension. Wagon 1 with four caught the nearest hydrant and laid in for water supply. Crews worked off of Tower 5 and Ladder 1 to provide vertical ventilation. All searches proved negative. Total Company 1 personnel: 12. Units operating on scene: W1, L1, E51, T5, E5, R5, E3, R3, K3, BCoFR M-14-5.




Thursday, October 27, 2016  0548hrs Bedford Communications alerted Company 1 (Bedford) first due, 8 (Moneta) second due, and Company 13 (Stewartsville) RIT to the area of Moneta Road and Big Easy Place for reports of a large fire. Engine 1 with four arrived on scene at 0556hrs to find a 200'x400' detached garage heavily involved. With a single family residence only 50' from exposure side B, Command assigned the Engine crew to protection of the residence. Wagon 1 with four laid in over 1500' of supply line to Engine 1 from the closest hydrant. Once the water supply was established a defensive attack on the garage began with two 1 3/4 and one 2 1/2 hand lines in operation. Only heat damage on the exterior of the single family dwelling was noted with no extension inside. Units cleared from the scene at 0926hrs. Total Company 1 personnel: 15. Units operating on scene: E1, W1, T1, S1, E8, R13, BCoFR Medic 14-1 County 10.




Monday, October 24, 2016  At 2100hrs, Bedford Communications alerted Company 1 and BCoFR Medic 14-1 to Route 460 bypass at the Route 43 overpass for a two vehicle accident with roll over and personal injuries. Engine 1 with four along with Rescue 1 with six and Brush 1 with two responded to the scene. Engine 1 arrived on scene to find one vehicle on its roof and one pickup with heavy damage. One patient was still inside the pickup and unresponsive. It was confirmed by Town Police that the other vehicle involved was an unoccupied disabled vehicle that was sitting on the side of the road. Rescue 1 personnel began stabilization and extrication of the pickup for removal of the only passenger. Extraction of the patient from the vehicle took only 6 minutes and patient was transported to Medic 14-1. Paramedics requested Centra One to respond to the scene for medi-vac transport to RMH. Brush 1 handled LZ operations. Command was terminated at 2223hrs.Total Company 1 personnel: 19




Wednesday, October 19, 2016  Companies 5 first due (Forest), Company 12 second due (Brookville Timberlake), and Company 1 RIT (Bedford) were dispatched to the 1200blk of Homestead Garden Court for multiple reports of a deck on fire that has extended into an apartment. Engine 1 was on the air and responded with four while Ladder 1 responded with five for the RIT assignment. Engine 51 was the first arriving unit to locate fire showing from an apartment located in the middle row of multiple units. Engine 51's crew stretched a line to the apartment to begin fire attack as Tower 5 began operating on the roof. Engine 1 arrived as was assigned to complete searches in the adjoining apartments and to look for extension. With the fire knocked down and no minimal extension noted, salvage and over haul began. A total of eight residence were displaced due to heat and water damage. Total Company 1 personnel: 17 Units operating on scene: E51, T5, R5, E5, E1, L1, E12.




Friday, September 30, 2016  For two days the area received several inches of rain and high winds which caused this over 200 year old tree to up-root on Longwood Ave. The tree brought down multiple wires and blocked traffic for several hours.




Monday, September 26, 2016  Bedford Communications alerted Company 1 (Bedford) and BCoFR Medic 14-2 for a single motor vehicle crash with roll over in the 4000blk of Kelso Mill Road. Engine 1 with four responded along with Rescue 1 with six. Engine 1 arrived on scene to find one vehicle on its side with two patients still inside the vehicle. Personnel from Engine 1 started patient care as Rescue 1 started to stabilize the vehicle for extrication. A roof roll was preformed to access the patients better and then they were removed to waiting medic units. Total Company 1 personnel: 14




Thursday, September 22, 2016  Company 1's second drill for the Month of September  practiced on the search of large commercial buildings. The old Weaving Mill building on Jackson Street provided a great building to freshen up on these tactics. Multiple "Search Groups" entered the building following a charged hand line to locate a missing firefighter or civilian. This drill focused on communication and the removal of victims to the closest egress. Total Company 1 personnel: 26



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