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The Bedford Volunteer Fire Department is located in the City of Bedford, VA approximately 25 miles east of Roanoke and 20 miles west of Lynchburg. Organized in 1888, the Bedford Volunteer Fire Department was Bedford City and County's only organized fire protection until 1952. With a first due response area of 182 square miles; the largest first due response area in Bedford County, the Bedford Volunteer Fire Department remains the busiest fire department each year. With a roster of fifty active firefighters, the department operates nine pieces of apparatus and responds to an average of 900 calls each year.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016  06/25/2016 - 1629hrs Bedford Communications alerted Company 2 (Big Island) first due, Company 3 (Boonsboro) second due, and Company 1 (Bedford) RIT to the 1000blk of Merrimac Lane for the report of a residentual structure fire. Rescue 1 with 6 and was second to arrive on scene to find a two story residentual stucture with heavy fire showing from sides Alpha, and Delta. Per Command Rescue 1's crew was to split its crew and perform fire attack and RIT. Crews working together for over 4 hours attempting to contain the fire and extinguishing multiple hidden hot spots through out the residence. Command was terminated by Command at 2026hrs. Units operating on scene: E-2, T-2, R-3, W-3, T-3, E-5, T-5 R-1.




Friday, June 24, 2016  06/23/2016 The second working fire was alerted by Bedford Communications at 1013hrs for the report of a residential fire at 3639 Patterson Mill Road which brought Company 9 (second due) and Company 13 (RIT). Engine 1 was first to arrive to find a one story residential with a basement with moderate smoke showing from the basement doors and windows. Units located the fire in the basement division from an apparent lighting strike to a nearby tree. Command deemed the fire under control at 1053hrs with all units clearing the scene at 1131hrs. Units operating on scene: E1, T1, P9, E131, R13, W8-2, 14-1, and 14-8. Total Company 1 personnel from both fires: 17




Friday, June 24, 2016  06/23/2016 - Companies 5 (first due) and Company 1 (second due and RIT) were alerted by Bedford Communications at 0939hrs for the report of a residential structure fire at 1027 Wingfield Drive located in the Goode area. Wagon 1 with four along with Ladder 1 with 5 responded. Wagon 1 was the first unit to arrive on scene to find a single story residential structure with moderate smoke showing from side alpha and the roof. Wagon 1's Officer established command and assigned the crew as fire attack. The attack group found that the bulk of the fire was located in a void space between the ceiling and roof of the house. Engine 51 arrived and connected to Wagon 1 for water supply. Ladder 1split its crew to perform a primary search and to take roof division. Several cuts were made by the roof division to access the fire due to the height of the cathedral ceilings through out the house. A quick know down of the fire allowed personnel to focus on salvage of many valuables within the residence. The fire was marked under control per Command at 1031hrs with all units clearing the scene at 1224hrs. Units operating on scene: W1, L1, B1, E51, E5, T5, County 10, and CCRS.




Saturday, June 11, 2016  1350hrs Bedford Communications alerted Company 1 and Medic 14-1 for the report of a head on collision in the 4000blk of Moneta Rd. with reports of multiple injuries and possible entrapment. Engine 1 arrived at 1357hrs to find two vehicles with heavy damage and two patients entrapped in separate vehicles. Command was established by E1's Officer and requested more medic units as well as Life Guard 10 to respond to the scene. Rescue 1 went to work extricating the patients simultaneously while EMS attended the injured. Utility 1 and Brush 1 also responded to establish a landing zone and to assist with the extrication. At 1402hrs both patients had been successfully extricated. A total of three patients were transported to Roanoke Memorial Hospital by ground and one was transported by air. Command was terminated at 1523hrs. Units operating on scene: E1, R1, U1, B1, M14-1, M14-8, M8-5 and Co.10. Total Company 1 personnel: 14



D-Day Tribute

Monday, June 6, 2016  Bedford, Virginia... ‚Ä®Like eleven other Virginia communities, Bedford provided a company of soldiers (Company A) to the 29th Infantry Division when the National Guard's 116th Infantry Regiment was activated on 3 February 1941. Some thirty Bedford soldiers were still in that company on D-Day; several more from Bedford were in other D-Day companies, including one who, two years earlier, had been reassigned from the 116th Infantry to the First Infantry Division. Thus he had already landed in both Northern Africa and Sicily before coming ashore on D-Day at Omaha Beach with the Big Red One. Company A of the 116th Infantry assaulted Omaha Beach as part of the First Division's Task Force O. By day's end, nineteen of the company's Bedford soldiers were dead. Two more Bedford soldiers died later in the Normandy campaign, as did yet another two assigned to other 116th Infantry companies. Bedford's population in 1944 was about 3,200. Proportionally this community suffered the nation's severest D-Day losses. Recognizing Bedford as emblematic of all communities, large and small, whose citizen-soldiers served on D-Day, Congress warranted the establishment of the National D-Day Memorial here.




Wednesday, April 20, 2016  2158hrs Bedford Communications alerted Companies 1 (Bedford 1st Due), 7 (Huddleston 2nd Due), and 5 (Forest RIT) to the 1900blk of Montevideo Rd. located just outside of the Town limits for the report of a porch on fire. E1 arrived at 2209hrs to find a two story residence with heavy fire from sides Bravo, Charlie, and Delta with an immediate exposure of a 500lb propane tank. E1 crew of 4 stretched two lines one to the exposure and one to the residence. Rescue 1 with 6 arrived on scene two minutes after E1 and assisted with fire attack and began a search of the residence. With no municipal water supply in the area a water source was used from a dry hydrant located at the County landfill operated by T1 with a Tanker Task Force. The house which was built with heavy timber in the late 1800's was deemed unsafe to continue an interior attack by Command. The house was a total loss. Units operating on scene: E1, R1, W1, T1, U1, E7, T7, R5, T5, T8. Total Company 1 personnel: 18




Tuesday, April 19, 2016  1721hrs Bedford Communications alerted Companies 13 (Stewartsville 1st due), 8 (Moneta 2nd due), and 1 (Bedford RIT) for a reported structure fire located on Fair View Drive. County 10 was first to arrive to find a two story residence with heavy fire on sides Charlie and Delta. Engine 131 arrived shortly after and stretched a line to begin fire attack and assumed Command. Wagon 8-2 and set up water supply. Rescue 1 with 6 personnel split its crew to assist in fire attack on division 2 and established RIT on side Alpha. Units worked together on scene for over two hours until Command cleared all units. Units operating: E131, T13, E13, W8-2, T8, R1, County 10, M14-13. Total Company 1 personnel:12




Monday, March 14, 2016   0350hrs- Companies 13 (Stewartsville-Chamblissburg), 8 (Moneta-2nd due), and 1 (Bedford-RIT) were dispatched to 1151 Dawn Place for a reported house on fire.  Engine 131 was first to arrive to find heavy fire showing from a single-wide mobile home.  Rescue 1 (with six) established RIT but was returned to service by command shortly after the fire was knocked down and overhaul operations began.  Total Company 1 personnel: 9. 




Wednesday, March 2, 2016  0830hrs- Bedford Communications alerted Company 1, Squad 1, and Medic 14-1 to Rocky Ford Road for a reported motor vehicle crash with entrapment.  Engine 1 (with four) arrived to find a single vehicle off the roadway with heavy damage and one occupant trapped.  Rescue 1 (with four) arrived and began stabilizing to remove the roof.  The driver was extricated and removed to Medic 14-1 who transferred care to Carilion LifeGuard 10. Total Company 1 personnel: 9.




Wednesday, February 17, 2016  0417hrs-  Bedford Communications alerted Companies 1 (Bedford-1st due), 8 (Moneta-2nd due) and 13 (Stewartsville-Chamblissburg-RIT) to 1146 Shepherds Store Road for a reported house fire.  Engine 1 (with four) arrived to find a two-story wood frame private dwelling with heavy fire showing from sides Alpha and Delta.  E-1 began stretching lines as the fire attack group as Wagon 1 (with four) arrived and established command.  W8-2 established water supply at a dry hydrant near Flint Hill Road.  With no immediate water access, command requested a tanker task force which added Tankers 5, 12, and 13.  It took firefighters approximately 45 minutes to bring the fire, which ran the attic, under control.  No injuries were reported but three residents were displaced.  Units operating: E-1, W-1, R-1, T-1, W-82, T-5,R-5, T-12, T-13, Medic 14-1, and County 10.  Total Company 1 personnel: 16.



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