Monday, May 28, 2012 1917hrs- Bedford Communications alerted Companies 1 (Bedford-1st due), 5 (Forest-2nd due), and 13 (Stewartsville-Chamblissburg-RIT) to 1609 Whitfield Drive for a reported house on fire. Engine 1 (with four) arrived at 1922hrs to find a single-story wood frame private dwelling with heavy smoke showing from side Charlie. E-1's crew stretched a line to the basement door and made entry as Fire Attack Group 1. With reports of a male subject trapped inside, command (Chief 1) assigned Medic 14-1 to start the primary search as Search Group 1. Ladder 1 (with six) arrived and began ventilation and throwing ground ladders as Wagon 1 (with four) laid in from a nearby hydrant to establish water supply. Fire Attack Group 1 encountered heavy fire in the basement while W-1's crew, who had stretched a second line to the first floor as Fire Attack Group 2, extinguished fire that they had located in the kitchen area. The fire was marked "under control" at 1945hrs. Units operating: E-1, L-1, W-1, R-1, U-1, P-5, R-5, Medic 14-1, Medic 1-1, and County 10. Total Company 1 personnel: 21.