Tuesday, May 15, 2012 1230hrs- Bedford Communications alerted Company 1, Squad 1, Medic 14-5, and County 10 toman  the Appalachian Trail near Sunset Field on the Blue Ridge Parkway for a reported hiker down after falling approximately twenty feet down from a rock. Engine 1 (with four) and Rescue 1 (with four) staged at the radar base where a command post had been established by Park Ranger 223. With an initial report that the badly injured victim was one mile from vehicle access, Company 2 was requested by command in order to utilize their ATV's where possible. Two recon groups were immediately deployed in an attempt to locate the badly injured hiker and his wife who as not able to give their exact location. Recon Group 1 located the victim within fifteen minutes of searching and relayed the victims condition and needs to command. Using a stokes and CMC wheel, crews removed the victim to an awaiting medivac at the command post. While units operated on the parkway Wagon 1 (with three) and Ladder 1 (with four) responded to one MVC and a lifting assistance call in the city. All units were back in quarters at 1415hrs. Total Company 1 personnel: 15.