Thursday, March 8, 2012 1008hrs- Bedford Communications alerted Companies 1 (Bedford-1st due), 13 (Stewartsville-2nd due), and 5 (Forest-RIT) to 1043 Hll Road for a mobile home on fire. Engine 1 (with four) arrived to find heavy fire showing from sides Alpha, Charlie, and Delta. E-1's officer, Captain Fulton, assumed command and assigned E-1's nozzleman and backup to Fire Attack Group 1 and Medic 14-9 to 2 in/ 2 out. Rescue 1 (with four) arrived just behind Engine 1 and began the primary search as Search Group 1. Wagon 1 established water supply along with Tanker 5 and Tanker 9. Interior crews made a good knock down bringing the fire "under control" at 1035hrs. The homeowner escaped without injury but her cat was fatally injured in the blaze. All searches proved negative. Units operating: E-1, R-1, W-1, R-5, T-5, T-9, U-1, Medic 14-9, Medic 14-8, and County 10. Total Company 1 personnel: 13.

 Fire showing on arrival.


 E-1 Nozzleman (G. Pavich) and Backup (R.

 E-1 Chauffer John Gulatsi "gooing it".

 BCoFR Paramedic Captain Seth Mowles
      learning the "Bedford" lay.